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Barry Wallenstein - Framed Photographs, Instructions, The Walker
David Messineo - Nostalgia For, Returning To A House, Game of Tomes
Pamela Laskin - In Newspaper Sheets
Patricia Carragon - Almost Blue (trumpet and vocals by Chet Baker), The

Austin Alexis – Pandemic, Protesters, Safe
Ruth Ward – Jazz
Here Come The Orishas – by Marc Thorman
The Doll God and Us-ward – by Dean Kostos
Voices From The Dust Cloud (9/11/2001) – by Paul Sohar
Ask Later, Sir: for Ornette Coleman - Michael Jay Price
He Dreamed Mercurial Dreams… for Griffin and Lockjaw- Michael Jay Price
Steve Dalachinsky- Heavy Sleep

Steve Dalachinsky- Foundations
Steve Dalachinsky- Stuttering Napkins (For Paul Blackburn)
Outtakes 6 by Steve Dalachinsky: Shipp, Perelman, Fujiyama, Poetry Books
Nick Johnson at the Cornelia St. Cafe' 2011
Concept Score #31 - by Jake Marmer
Steve Dalachinsky - Poems for Butch Morris
Michael Jay Price – for Gilbert Sorrentino, Ben Webster and Pee Wee Russell
Concept Scores – by Jake Marmer
Reaching Into The Unknown - by Steve Dalachinsky
Window and Doorway - by Steve Swell
Eugenia Macer-Story - Calculations from Scratch
Elizabeth Veldon – Three Works
Tribute to Adrienne Rich: An Audio Celebration of Her Writings
Poems by Eugenia Macer-Story: Odessa Café, Bastille Day, Fitna 9/11
I Remember and The Passenger Seated Next To Me and
   – by Robin Small-McCarthy

Michael Jay Price - Tradition Trade Tragedy and other poems
Hilary Sideris - Four More Keith Richards Poems
Castled - by Susan Maurer
Agoraphobia and City Vision - by Austin Alexis
Back To Jack! An Audio Celebration of Jack Kerouac
Howl Yowl Redux: An Audio Celebration of Allen Ginsberg
William S. Burroughs Bash at the Yippie Museum Café
Hilary Sideris - Four Keith Richards Poems
Hands of Escher - by Jack M. Freedman
Linda Lerner - Four Poems
Avant-garde - by Patricia Carragon
Eye Sense - by Patricia Carragon
Guernica Revisted - by Jack M. Freedman
Generation Beat at the Yippie Museum Café
Cindy Hochman - Love and Medicine and other poems
Jungle Music - by John J. Trause
Playing - by John J. Trause
Matthew Shipp so/lo @ tribes 3/13/10 - by
Steve Dalachinsky
White - by Bruce Weber
No - by Bruce Weber
sometimes willy coos up to rhyme - by Bruce Weber
Sleep - by Barry Wallenstein
Seeing Charles (For Charles Tyler) - by Barry Wallenstein
In New Orleans - by Barry Wallenstein
Beat Angel Blues, for Harold Norse - by Valery Oisteanu
Steve Dalachinsky and Bassentric Live at Local 269
Harold Norse: Celebration of His Life at Cornelia St Café
Steve Dalachinsky with Steve Swell's Nation of We: What Matters Most.
For Michael Jackson (1982) - by Steve Koenig
The Ballad of the Bark - by Steve Koenig
For Miko - by Jim Ryan
Elves - by Jim Ryan
Can't Get There - by Jim Ryan
Just A talk about exCept - a mesostic poem composed and performed by Marc Thorman
Tracy - Robert Burr
Beastie - Robert Burr
benefit for the bass - William Parker (s)olo(s)- by Steve Dalachinsky
Pieces of the Moon - David S. Ware- by Steve Dalachinsky
Rivers for Sam River - by Steve Dalachinsky
McCoy ... McCoy (Tyner) - by Len Fraser
Score #1 for Synthesizing # 2 - by Vernon Frazer
Punkboy Blues - by Steve Koenig
1998 - by David Messineo
Grito Verde at Teatro Amazonas - by David Messineo
Uplift - by David Messineo
Paris - by Eve Packer
blue horn - by Eve Packer
for John Hicks - by Barry Wallenstein
Stones and Pillows - by Michael Jay Price

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