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by Steve Dalachinsky

sleep so much for heavy sleep
deep sleep
selected poems
fresh eggs
the miles of lives we live inside ourselves
another you
sleep so much for big sleep
heavy sleep
deep sleep
tinctures  ( everybody takes them )
so much for extending hands
nourishment     herbs
famine the oldest form of war
scream at me scream at me
it’s your party & i’ll die if i want to
extend a hand thru your sleep
dream the pearly gates
those angel eyes that watch you climb the fortress of the lord -///// FULL STOP

as you open you up things will come to you   youtoyouyou
endless sleep
deep deep sleep
heavy sleep    
heavy hand tattered hand beaten hand fragile hand callused hand
crumpled hand loving hand broken hand
pitchforked nerve rider
staplegunned chrysanthemum
mushroom mineshaft sulfur mine unwound
it’s hot
it’s short
it’s funny
it’s a slumberless wall of eyes
heavy sleep
deep sleep big sleep tattered sleep beaten sleep fragile sleep callused sleep
crumpled sleep  loving broken sleep tinctures everyone takes them
icarus knew icarus knew  
“ praise be the embrace of soft sleep”
soft sleep soft hands soft bed soft pillow soft life soft sulfur mine
famine mass graves & skeletal sketches
the mate of my dreams waiting at the end of this deep deep sleep
peel off my heart  & place it next to yours
the mate of my dreams    awaits
where do you live what’s your occupation what’s your education
how do you look are you attractive?  very attractive? average? skilled? advanced?
does it matter does it matter it does not matter  it does matter
heavy handed what’s your religion what’s your ethnicity
do you have children
have you ever been married
culural interests?   theatre   dance   music   art    film
does it matter doesn’t matter it does matter
doesn’t matter does it matter  it does matter
married before  divorced   widowed doesn’t matter   ever seen a mass grave?
a famine ravaged body?  do you desire children?
athletic interests  very active   occasionally active  just plain active  doesn’t matter
where do you live  that doesn’t matter    does it matter?   sure it matters
believe in angels? doesn’t matter
advanced degree masters degree high school technical professional
doesn’t matter  doesn’t matter  annual income social situation primary goal
does it matter   doesn’t matter   doesn’t matter      SURE IT MATTERS

sleep so much for heavy sleep deep sleep rem sleep doesn’t matter
doesn’t matter   hard hands soft hands a hug a day
“ praise be the soft embrace of sleep”  does it matter does it matter   sure it matters
my education is
my typical work week is
my single status is
my primary goal is
my annual income is
i am divorced i am separated i am widowed   i am wounded   i am a mass grave
i have every degree i have no degrees  advanced degree  masters degree
i graduated from college i barely finished high school
i have a steady relationship i have to date more frequently
my typical work week is 9to5  afternoon to evening late night shift
not working now
i have great expectations  i have no expectations   BUT
it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter   does it matter  SURE IT MATTERS
hot short funny alone at the table with a violin sonata & a solo piano cd
icarus knew icarus flew
too close to the sun too close to the sun
deep sleep heavy hand scream at me scream at me
it doesn’t matter
it doesn’t doesn’t matter.....does it matter...sure it matters

                                          steve dalachinsky nyc 7/10/02   12:30 - 1:30 a.m.


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